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Why Buy The Belt Makers?
The Belt Makers, Exeter
The Belt Makers, Exeter
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The Belt Makers, Exeter

About TBM's Leather

Choosing to use the best... of the best

Some say... TBM are fussy about the leather they use.

Cows are natural creatures and do not grow in tidy rectangles, nor do they go out of their way to avoid scraping themselves on barbed wire fences.

There are many good leather dressers in the world and their job is to make the best of these skins.

Sedgwick's First Selection

J & E Sedgwick & Co, based in Walsall, Birmingham (home of the traditional English saddlery trade) are known throughout their industry as being arguably the best leather dressers in the world. They have a small, select number of outlets across the globe, to which they supply their traditionally tanned products. Their only UK distributor holds a Royal Warrant for supplying saddlery materials to the Crown.

For those who know leather, simply to handle this luxury item makes them look up and smile.

Sedgwick's best bridle leather is world renowned for its reliable strength, durability, density and lustre.

TBM are proud to put their stamp in this, their leather of choice.

Tallow is introduced to the skins during the tanning process and protects the leather during work on the item. As with any traditionally tanned English Bridle Butt leather, the waxy tallow residue comes to the surface of the skin over time. Each belt is brushed well before it goes to its new owner, however, some tallow may still rub off onto clothing for the first few times of wearing. This is normal and should brush off the clothing or wash out without any trouble. Simply brush the leather with a clean shoe brush to reveal the natural lustre.

The Leather Colours

TBM carry ten traditional Sedgwick bridle butt colours. Black and five earth tones are complimented by the additional of red, blue, green and burgundy.

White is soon to join the collection and there is more information in this handy colour guide.

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