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Traditional belt making at its finest

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Why Buy The Belt Makers?
The Belt Makers, Exeter
The Belt Makers, Exeter
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TBM Brogue style belt

Why Buy The Belt Makers?

Each and every one of TBM’s belts is individually cut, worked and stitched entirely by hand

Choosing to make every belt using traditional methods, The Belt Makers go out of their way to avoid the use of die cutting machines, sewing machines or any other kind of electrical gadgetry in any step of their belt making process. Instead, and proudly continuing the family tradition of using traditional handtools and skills based on the English Saddlery Trade, each unique TBM belt is individually hand cut, traditionally handstitched with needles and thread at eight stitches per inch and beautifully finished by hand, in the Devon workshops of a National Award winning craftsman.

The finished result is a high end product, beautiful to look at and practical to wear

Both practical and aesthetically pleasing, TBM’s stunning, award-winning belts are suitable for the best dressed gentlemen and ladies who make no compromise when it comes to the quality of their wardrobe. These products are suitable for those discerning customers who enjoy a bespoke and high end style.

The Best Dressed Best Man

The Groom, Best Man, Bride's Father and other principle male wedding attendants can be as eye-catching as the bride with edge and stitch colours to co-ordinate with - and let us be perfectly honest here - the bride's colour scheme.


TBM belt in Black

The TBM Sedgwick leather selection, including Classic, Custom and Raised styles as well as the ‘British Spirit’, are made from Sedgwick’s First Grade English Bridle Butt Leather, obtained from the supplier with the Royal Warrant.

The solid brass buckles are hand cast especially to order and stainless steel buckles are also available.

The combinations of buckles and leather, edge and stitch colours are almost endless, for co-ordinating with the seasonal wardrobe.

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