TBM traditional handstitching Handstitching a belt

Traditional belt making at its finest


Exotic Skins

As long as exotic skins are covered by CITES licencing, we can use them in our work.


We have made many pieces with snakeskin inlays or overlays

Some skins come with natural colouring, some have colour added


This belt shouts about its origins...

Natural coloured python skin on Black

... while this one is a little more subtle with a touch of blue in the snakeskin

Python on Conker

Cream whipsnake adorns the back of this belt

Cream whipsnake on the back of this belt

This large python bow was piped to match the belt band colour

Large python bow piped to match belt band colour

Bow tie bow in pink made to adorn a snakeskin belt band

Bow tie bow in pink adorns snakeskin belt band

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