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Linings and Overlays

Another way to make a statement is to add a lining that works with your wardrobe... and who says the lining has to be on the outside?


Glove leathers by Pittards of Yeovil

There are countless shades to choose from. This is a tiny selection of the glove leathers available from Pittards of Yeovil

Array of just a selection of glove leather colours

This is a very subtle lining. Look carefully to see a deep purple lining on the black bridle butt. All entirely hand stitched, not at all machined.

Deep purple glove leather lining on black bridle butt leather

These high quality glove leathers can be used on the inside...

Paisley glove leather used as a lining

... or the outside!

Paisley glove leather used as an overlay

This lining is padded and used together with a cream snakeskin inlay

Padded lining and cream snakeskin inlay

Peach overlay on Green

Peach overlay on Green

Lime lining on Australian Nut

Lime lining on Australian Nut

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