TBM traditional handstitching Handstitching a belt

Traditional British belt making at its finest

The TBM Brogue style belt

The Belt Makers (‘TBM’) are the premier specialists in the manufacture of the most exquisitely handmade English leather belts. Having been producing belts for high-end trade and retail customers for a number of years, their work can be found in the most prestigious areas of London and across the globe.

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Featured Range

The Vibe range comes in a contemporary colour combination, bearing a
striking, while classic, solid stainless steel buckle.

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Classic Belts
From £89.00

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Stitched All Round
From £175.00

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Raised Belts:
Take an exceptional belt
to the next level
From £295.00

The TBM British Spirit

TBM Signature Piece
‘British Spirit’

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‘The Belt Makers’ Partners: Mark and Marie Buckfield

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TBM are proud to announce that they reached the Finals in the Retailer category of the Exeter Living Awards 2018