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For those who know leather, simply to handle this luxury item makes them look up and smile.

Sedgwick's best bridle leather is world renowned for its strength, durability, density and lustre.

These belts are made using Bridle Butt leather dressed by J&E Sedgwick & Co and obtained by The Belt Makers from the supplier with the Royal Warrant.

Every belt is lovingly hand stitched at 8 stitches to the inch by a National award-winning craftsman. There is no ‘mass production’ in the Sedgwick ranges.

As with any traditionally tanned English Bridle Butt leather, a waxy residue may appear on clothing for the first few times of wearing. This is normal and should brush off.

Over time the belt will naturally mold itself to the shape of the wearer. This is all part of the beauty of owning a real belt that should be a favourite for years to come.

The Sedgwick Selection
Custom Belts

From £115.00

World famous leather for its strength, lustre, durability and luxurious suppleness

Create your own combination for that extra bespoke look

Match your belt to your team colours, to your bag and shoes, suit lining, shirt and tie... there are so many choices and we are happy to help if you would like to contact us.

You can choose from our full range of Sedgwick's leather colours, our buckles and, of course, our edge and stitch colours.

For more customisation ideas, check out the Gallery

(Shades shown as a guide only, please contact us for a sample if required)


1. Choose your Leather

Black leather
Dark Havana leather
Dark Havana
(very dark brown)
Australian Nut leather
Australian Nut
(rich reddish brown)
Conker leather
(deep chestnut tan)
Light Havana leather
Light Havana
(golden tan)
London Tan leather
London Tan
(light golden tan)
Red leather

Green leather

Blue leather

Burgundy leather


2. Choose your Buckle

Buckles are either brass with a stainless steel tongue or all stainless steel - see below

Brass Buckles
All 1¼ inch wide

Brass Buxton
Brass London Dee
London Dee
Brass Flat West End
Flat West End
Brass Swell Front West End
Swell Front West End
Brass West End
West End


Stainless Steel Buckles
Widths as shown

1 1/8 inch wide Stainless Steel West End Roller
1 1/8 inch wide
West End Roller
1¼ inch wide Stainless Steel West End Roller
1¼ inch wide
West End Roller
1¼ inch wide Stainless Steel West End
1¼ inch wide
West End
1½ inch wide Stainless Steel West End Roller
1½ inch wide
West End Roller


3. How many keepers?

One fixed keeper  Two fixed keepers

Custom belts can be made with one or two fixed keepers stitched in place next to the buckle.
For your convenience we will always supply custom orders with a loose keeper ('adjustable' or 'free running' belt loop).


4. Choose your Edge Colour

This can compliment or contrast with your leather colour... it's entirely up to you

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Natural


5. Choose your Stitch Colour

This can match your edge colour... but it doesn't have to

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • White


6. What size?

Your trousers size is not always the same as your belt size!

Please check your belt size carefully.

  1. Take a belt you like to wear on this or a similar-fitting outfit
  2. Measure the leather part only
  3. Measure from where the leather touches the buckle to the hole you most often use: this is the measurement we need

Please ensure the width of the belt will fit through your trouser loops, especially for formal wear


7. Drop us an email

We need your chosen options and contact information and then we can confirm your order with you and send you an invoice.

Do check the invoice carefully as payment will indicate your confirmation of the order.

Please give us 28 days following receipt of cleared payment to make your order specially for you and then dispatch.

Finally... it would be very much appreciated if you could let us know when your order has safely reached you. Thank you.

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